Escuelas que no veremos (o quizás sí)

 Dicen en la información del vídeo:
“We opened in Augusti 2011. In our first year we will be welcoming children and pupils from the preparation class (6 years of age) to year five years (11 years of age). After this, the school will grow up to year nine. Vittra Telefonplan is a Vittra International school that also offers one computer per student.”

También pueden mirar esto:

“6 Exceptional Eco Schools”

“Knowledge economy: Global best school buildings”

Butler Primary School-Perth -W. Australia:

O leer este texto: “Arquitectura indocente”, del arquitecto Carlos Sánchez-Polack Morate:
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Y para finalizar, un vídeo, tomado de aquí:
“How Are Schools Helping Students to Change the World”

TEDxYouthday Theme Song from TEDxAmsterdam on Vimeo.

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